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Upcoming Events

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  • iTHES colloquium
    Date: 14:00 ~, September 16 (Tue)  TODAY!!
    Lecturer: Prof. Yuko Okamoto (Nagoya Univ. )
    Title: Enhanced sampling techniques for spin and biomolecular simulations
    Three short talks by N. Yamanaka (ithes-phys), T. Shirakawa(ithes-cond) and K. Maeda (ithes-bio) will be presented as well.

  • iTHES Special Lecture on Financial Engineering (in Japanese)
    Date: September 30 (Tue)
    Place: the large meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Main Cafeteria.
    Lecturers: J. Hashiba and Y. Takano (MIZUHO-DL Financial Technology)

  • iTHES-IPMU-Osaka Joint Symposium
    Nov. 6 (Thu.) 2014
    at Kavli IPMU, Univ. Tokyo (http://www.ipmu.jp/ )
    Invited speakers:
    H. Ooguri (IPMU/Caltech)
    H. Murayama (IPMU/Berkeley)
    E. Komatsu (Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik)
    F. Nori (iTHES/CEMS)
    Y. Sugita (iTHES/AICS)
    K. Fujimoto (Osaka)

  • Event Report

    ●  RIKEN Symposium – iTHES workshop on “Thermal Quantum Field Theories and Their Applications” was held at Ohkouchi Hall, RIKEN on Sep. 3 – 5, 2014. More than 100 people participated from areas such as astro, condensed matter, statistical, particle and nuclear physics under the keyword “Thermal Quantum Field Theories.” 29 talks (4 review talks) and 27 posters were presented. We enjoyed active discussions, and shared ideas, approaches and techniques. In the photo, Dr. Masakiyo Kitazawa (Assistant Professor, Osaka University) is discussing a new technique for Lattice QCD, “Yang-Mills gradient flow.” The presentation files of the talks can be downloaded from the web page, http://www.riise.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/TQFT/

    ●  A workshop entitled "Turbulence and chaos in AdS/CFT" was held at Osaka university, on 8th September. The workshop is aimed at opening a door to new subjects from string theory, to make a first step for a diverse application of mathematical framework of string theory, in particular to big popular subjects in applied math: Turbulence and chaos. http://kabuto.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp/~koji/workshop/turbulencechaos/

    About 50 people joined the workshop in spite of the short notice, which actually shows people's attention to the subjects and also eagerness to explore more for application of string theory. We had 6 invited speakers, some from relativity community and some from cone-mat community, and we enjoyed quite stimulus discussions. The whole workshop was organized by myself and supported by Osaka university TSRP (theoretical science research project), and co-sponsored by iTHES.

    The participants found various important questions to be asked in the near future in this inter-disciplinary subject. We hope to come together again with a bigger perspective, as it may give a foundation to a new direction of fundamental science.

    ●  On Sep. 10 (Wed.), we had an iTHES - Nishina Center joint seminar at bioscience building by Prof. Masako Bando (YITP & RCNP), the 62th president of the Japanese Physical Society. She is originally an elementary particle physicist working on super symmetry, neutrino, hidden local symmetry etc. She has also done seminal and renowned works on traffic flow problems. At the seminar, she talked about "a unified approach to the action of radiation on animals and plants". She and her collaborators introduced a simple differential equation for the mutation frequency dictated not only by the equivalent dose but also by the dose rate. After appropriate redefinition of the variables, the solution is found to be described by a simple scaling function, Φ(τ)= 1-exp(-τ) where τ is a scaled time-variable. She showed that the existing data on chrysanthemum, mouse, drosophila, corn, spiderwort are all fitted well by this universal function. More than 30 people have attended her seminar, and there were lots of interdisciplinary discussions among physicists and biologists during and after the talk.

    Person of the Week

    Shigeki Onoda
    It's my great pleasure to get involved with the RIKEN iTHES project, as a Senior Research Scientist in Condensed Matter Theory Lab. My main research interest now is to find novel states of matter, hosting nontrivial topological structures and/or showing fractionalizations and deconfinements, most of which are now recognized as (symmetry-protected/enriched) topological orders. Typical laboratories include strongly correlated electron systems and quantum spin liquids in frustrated magnets. Besides standard analytical calculations, I occasionally perform field-theoretical calculations, in particular, in frustrated lattice gauge theories for quantum spin liquids, and numerics based on first principles, Monte-Carlo, and product states in collaboration with experts. I also often collaborates with experimentalists. BTW, the photo was taken when we went for discussions on a weekend hike during a stay in Santa Barbara. I hope to have more discussions in the iTHES project and wish you all a great success!