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The interdisciplinary Francis Crick Institute will open in central London in 2015

According to the web page (http://www.crick.ac.uk/), the Francis Crick Institute will be "an inter-disciplinary medical research institute to help understand why disease develops and find new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses".

Nature News (http://www.nature.com/news/biomedical-institute-opens-its-doors-to-physicists-1.15299) reports that "When the institute opens in 2015, as much as one-fifth of its 1,250 staff will be physicists, chemists, mathematicians and engineers. They will be tasked with helping biomedical staff to understand why diseases develop and to find new ways to treat them."

The Nature News also reports that "The Crick is part of a movement that is taking physics in biology in a new direction. This could, for instance, involve modelling the emergence of shapes and patterns in biological systems across different scales, says Ewa Paluch, a cell biophysicist at UCL. "How do you go from molecules to cells, cells to tissues and organisms to groups of organisms? All these involve crossing scales, and are problems that can't really be understood without a model, and that's where physics comes in."" This is exactly what we call the multi-scale problems in iTHES with even a broader perspective (see, http://www.riken.jp/en/pr/topics/2014/20140110_2/).

Japanese translation of the Nature News about the Francis Crick Institute can be seen in http://www.nature.com/ndigest/index.html.

Upcoming Events

  • iTHES Workshop
    Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts 2014
    Aug.25(Mon)-27(Wed), 2014
    Ookouchi Hall

  • RIKEN Symposium - iTHES workshop on Thermal Field Theory and its applications
    Date: Sep.3(Wed)-5(Fri.), 2014
    Place: Ookochi hall

  • iTHES colloquium
    Date: September 16 (Tue)
    Lecturer: Prof. Yuko Okamoto (Nagoya Univ. )
    Details to be announced

  • iTHES Special Lecture on Financial Engineering (in Japanese)
    Date: September 30 (Tue)
    Place: the large meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Main Cafeteria.
    Lecturers: J. Hashiba and Y. Takano (MIZUHO-DL Financial Technology)

  • iTHES-IPMU-Osaka Joint Symposium
    Nov. 6 (Thu.) 2014
    at Kavli IPMU, Univ. Tokyo (http://www.ipmu.jp/ )
    Invited speakers:
    H. Ooguri (IPMU/Caltech)
    H. Murayama (IPMU/Berkeley)
    E. Komatsu (Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik)
    F. Nori (iTHES/CEMS)
    Y. Sugita (iTHES/AICS)
    K. Fujimoto (Osaka)

  • Event Report

    From 22th to 26th July in 2014, the summer school on ‘From quark to supernova’—challenging to the study of fundamental physics—was held in YITP at Kyoto. The summer school was hosted by HPCI program and RIKEN iTHES. The aim this school is to study the current topic in particle physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics from view point of view of large scale numerical simulation.
    For this purpose, during school, we had the following courses:

  • ・Nuclear interaction on Lattice QCD
    Lectures: H. Matsufuru(KEK), S. Ueda (KEK), S. Motoki (KEK),
    N. Ishii(RCNP),T. Doi (RIKEN), H. Nemura(Tsukuba),
    K. Sasaki(Tsukuda), K. Murano(RCNP)
  • ・Nuclear structure by DDHF
    Lectures: T. Nakatsukasa(Tsukuba/RIKEN), K. Washiyama(RIKEN),
    S. Ebata(Hokkaido), K. Sato(RIKEN), Y. Funaki(RIKEN),
    H. Suno(RIKEN), E. Hiyama(RIKEN)
  • ・Supernova simulation
    S. Nagataki(RIKEN), S. Wanajo(RIKEN), K. Yoshida (Kyoto),
    K. Ono(Kyushu), T. Takiwaki(RIKEN), S-H. Lee(JAXA),
    J. Matsumoto(RIKEN), A. Suzuki(Kyoto)
  • In the summer school, we had 24 participants from fields of particle physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics. They enjoyed three courses and we hope that three courses would contribute to their future research.

    "Mathematical Approaches for Molecular and Cellular Dynamics in Biology" was held on July 25, 2014 in Komaba Campus, Univ. of Tokyo. This is a satellite symposium of "Joint Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology (July 28 - Aug.1, 2014) to be held this week in Osaka. The 7 talks given at the symposium are:

  • N. Saito (Univ. Tokyo) "Small Number Effect in Biochemical Reactions"
  • G. A. Enciso (UC Irvine) "Ultrasensitivity in Independent Multisite Systems"
  • A. Mochizuki (RIKEN) "Sensitivity of Chemical Reaction Networks: A Structural Approach."
  • G. Craciun (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison) "Understanding Qualitative Properties of Biological Interaction Networks: Multistability, Oscillations,Persistence, and Global Stability"
  • M. Tachikawa (RIKEN) "How to Make a 'Golgi Body'"
  • S. Jun (UC San Diego) "Entropy as the Driver of Chromosome Segregation"
  • T. J. Kobayashi (Univ. Tokyo) "Information in Biological Processes"

  • The temperature outside the room was extremely high on July 25, but there were even hotter discussions at the symposium about various aspects of biological systems from mathematical point of view. The photo shows an energetic talk by Atsushi Mochizuki (the ithes-bio team leader).

    Person of the Week

    Nguyen Dinh Dang

    I am a nuclear theorist from Hanoi (Vietnam). The subjects of my study include properties of highly excited nuclei, in particular thermal pairing and giant resonances in hot rotating nuclei. I graduated from the Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) in 1982, got my PhD in 1985 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (Moscow region), and the Soviet Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences' degree at the Moscow State University in 1990. I came to Japan in 1994 as a Nishina Memorial Fellow at the Institute of Nuclear Study (University of Tokyo). In 1995 I moved to RIKEN and have been working here since then, first as a postdoc of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (1996 - 1998), then a contract researcher at the RI-beam factory project (1998 - 2006), and a RIKEN Nishina Center research scientist from 2006. In 2010 I joined the Theoretical Nuclear Physics Laboratory. My office is R. 159 of the Main Research Bldg., Ext. 3033.

    A part from doing physics, I am also a painter. My paintings can be previewed on my home page at http://ribf.riken.go.jp/~dang/ My hobby is playing classical piano.