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Article on iTHES in RIKENETIC Online

A special report, "iTHES: Unraveling “Multi-scale Problems Through Interdisciplinary Theory" is now posted in the Jan. 15 (2014) issue of RIKENETIC which is an English-language in-house newsletter published monthly by the Global Relations Office and distributed to all RIKEN campuses.

Upcoming Events

  • 24th iTHES Theoretical Science Colloquium with 2nd iTHES Meeting
    Jan. 31 (Fri.) 13:30-
    2F of the Main Cafeteria
    iTHES Meeting (13:30 ~):
    Dr. K. Uriu (from ithes-bio team)
      "Dynamics of mobile coupled cellular oscillators"
    Dr. T. Iitaka (from ithes-cond team)
      "Atomistic modelling of planets"
    Dr. T. Kanazawa (from ithes-phys team)
      "Taming the randomness in QCD"

    Colloquium (15:00~):
    Prof. Kei Tokita
    (Dept. of Complex Systems Science, Grad. Sch. of Information Science, Nagoya University)
      "An answer to the "Diversity-Stability Debate" in Community Ecology"

  • iTHES Seminar
    Feb. 6th (Thu.) 13:30 -
    Prof. Lembit Sihver
    "PHITS and its application (TBC) "
  • Travel Note

    International Conference on "Matter at Extreme Conditions: Then & Now" was held on Jan. 15-17, 2014, at the Bose Institute in Kolkata, India. The Bose Institute, which pioneered the concept of inter-disciplinary research in India, was founded on 1917 by A.J.C. Bose(*) who is the father of modern scientific research in India. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bose_Institute
    I was lucky enough to attend this conference to give a talk on "Dense QCD and Compact Stars". It was my first visit to India: Although I was in Kolkata only for 4 days, I was really fascinated by the lively atmosphere of the city and also impressed by many bright Indian students attending the conference. The photo is taken at the courtyard in the Bose Institute.
    (*) A.J.C. Bose was himself an interdisciplinary scientist. In physics, A.J.C.Bose is known as the teacher of S.N.Bose (known by the Bose-Einstein condensation) and M. Saha (known by the Saha equation).

    Tetsuo Hatsuda (ithes-phys team)

    Person of the Week

    Yoshimasa Hidaka
    I am Yoshimasa Hidaka, Researcher at Quantum Hadron Physics Laboratory. My research interest is hadron physics under extreme conditions such as high energy, high temperature, high density and/or strong fields. In particular, I have been interested in dynamical properties of quark-gluon plasma, restoration of chiral symmetry breaking at high temperature, and a new matter called quarkyonic matter at high density. Recently, I am also interested in nonequilibrium phenomena of quantum many-body systems. I received my Ph.D. in Physics in 2005 from the University of Tokyo. I spent two and a half years in RIKEN BNL research center, USA as a special postdoctoral researcher of RIKEN. After that, I came back to Japan as a posdoc at Kyoto University. Then, I moved to RIKEN as a posdoc on April 2011, and became a researcher of the present group from April 2012. I am looking forward to discussions with iTHES members.


    Prof. Lembit Sihver
    (Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN)
    Nuclear Science and Engineering
    Jan.20th - March 20th, 2014
    room 302 (3rd floor, RIBF building)

    Dr. Marco Cristoforetti
    (ECT*, Trento, Italy)
    Jan.20th - 25th, 2014
    Phase structure of the strong interaction,
    advanced numerical techniques in quantum
    field theories.
    room 433 (4th floor, main research building)