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Happy New Year

Dear iTHES members:
Happy New Year! It’s been six months since iTHES research group was formally established in RIKEN. This year, let’s use our full “horse” power to climb up the scientific mountains and enjoy the “interdisciplinary” scenery together!

Tetsuo Hatsuda

Introductory Article on iTHES published in RIKEN NEWS (Dec. 2013)

A special report on iTHES on the basis of an interview with Tetsuo Hatsuda (iTHES group director) and Atsushi Mochizuki (iTHES-bio team leader) was published in the Dec. volume (page 12-14) of the RIKEN NEWS:
http://www.riken.jp/~/media/riken/pr/publications/news/2013/rn201312.pdf Its English translation will be published soon in RIKENETIC.

Upcoming Events

  • Workshop supported by iTHES
    Jan. 7 (Tues.) 9:50am-3:00pm
    room: 2nd floor of Main Cafeteria Building
    "RIKEN WAKO-AICS Joint Symposium: K and post-K Computers and Fundamental Physics"

  • 24th iTHES Theoretical Science Colloquium with 2nd iTHES Meeting
    Jan.31 (Fri.) 13:30-
    2F of the Main Cafeteria
    iTHES Meeting (13:30 ~):
    Dr. K. Uriu (from ithes-bio team)
    Dr. T. Iitaka (from ithes-cond team)
    Dr. T. Kanazawa (from ithes-phys team)
    Colloquium (15:00~):
    "An answer to the "Diversity-Stability Debate" in Community Ecology"
    Prof. Kei Tokita
    (Dept. of Complex Systems Science, Grad. Sch. of Information Science, Nagoya University)